Tim Hayes Coach

There are two ways we can work together

Option 1
The freedomCODE

  • You are a gifted entrepreneur with a deep desire to serve others.
  • You are ready to get out of your own way and unlock your infinite power and potential.
  • You want to be free from self-judgement, limiting beliefs, and repetitive cycles of self-inflicted suffering
  • You want to create the freedom you desire in life, love and business
  • You want to be in a group of like-minded visionary entrepreneurs like you who cheerlead one another and get shit done consciously. 

Option 2
One to One Coaching with Tim

For entrepreneurs, founders and coaches who want direct access to Tim and relate to the following…

  • Your soul and intuition is crying out for something different but you feel intimidated by how powerful you are, and trapped by your success
  • Nothing is particularly wrong but nothing feels right
  • Despite doing lots of inner work you are unable to fully let go of your repetitive cycles of self-inflicted suffering
  • You need someone outside of your network you can trust enough because you know when you can surrender to your truth, everything changes