Now I’m thinking the first thing you’ll want know is how I’m qualified to do this?

Well, experience counts for a lot. So aside from having coached and mentored hundreds of clients on a 1:2:1 basis, you could say I’ve personally ‘lived a life’.

Work with me - Tim Hayes

Over the past 20 years ...

I have transitioned from a high-flying corporate sales consultant to a recovered addict, fitness expert, and multiple 6 fig business owner. I launched and raised £500k for an app and I've self sabotaged my human potential in every way you can think of (and maybe some you haven't considered yet). 

I am able to see your blind spots, limiting beliefs, fears, inner critic and call bullshit when necessary. I have been told I have gift at being able to pull out your truth.  I give you the courage to step into your life and help you serve your clients in ways you've never imagined whilst growing a really successful business and life.

Today ...

I have a level of peace, serenity and freedom to my life that continues to deepen. I create, grow and succeed in ways I have never imagined. My friends and clients tell me there is a depth to my life that brings authenticity, experience, empathy and trust into my coaching.

Originally from London, I moved to Cape Town because I wanted to improve the quality of my life. I play Djembe (African bongo) I have two dogs, 100 bonsai trees (and counting) a beautiful relationship, a stepdaughter and an avocado tree. So I’m smashing life as well as avocados.

I am a high performance business coach and mindset mentor because ...

  • I intimately understand how it feels when the love for what you do turns into selling your soul 
  • I see so many people withholding their talent 
  • I feel on the whole most people don't live the life they deserve.
  • This process for me isn't just about business, this is about everything. 
  • If its a fit, I am really fucking good at what I do