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Jo - Wellness Coach

Jo went from selling $300 programs to $6000 pm programs.

“I can not begin to explain to you the profoundness of our conversation on Friday. You sparked something in me that has been lost for quite some time. This one conversation has changed everything and is something I will never forget.”

Coach, Is this You?

You are a gifted coach with a deep desire to serve others.

You feel like the world's best keep secret.

You are fearless in your coaching, but fearful in your pricing.

You charge what you think people will pay rather than what your service is worth.

Nicola - Empowerment Coach

Nicola signed her first ever £8k client within the first 3 weeks of working with Tim.

“Every coach needs a great coach, Tim is someone you can trust and be completely honest with. He meets you where you are, always has your back and seems to ask the right question at the right time. I have been amazed at how fast the results were.”

This FREE 60 minute virtual Masterclass, will help you to unlock your limiting beliefs.

Tim shares his personal business strategies that he’s used for 20 years to help the hundreds of people he’s mentored to have a fearless belief system and elevate their coaching business.

Michael Hazell - CEO
Michael 5 x his annual revenue.

Tim is a masterful coach. What we did together planted a seed that has resulted in more joy and financial abundance in my life than I could have ever imagined. I have reached a place in my life I thought wasn’t possible before I met Tim. Tim has the ability to alter the course of your life in a single coaching session and I was able to 5x my annual income.

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Get booked solid for 2023 with perfect-match clients that pay you what your coaching is worth.

Create a fearless belief system.

Learn how to price your high-ticket programs.

Learn how to sell to your ideal client.

Access strategies to master your money and abundance mindset.

I'm Tim Hayes,

The Conscious Business Coach for online coaches. I am a professional certified coach, and at 46 years old I have earned my stripes.

I’ve gone from being a corporate executive to multiple 6/7 figure businesses to drug rehab, and back again.

My success in overcoming addiction and then growing my businesses, from nothing, has taught me an unwavering fearless mindset. Over the course of 20 years I’ve built two successful coaching businesses and one not so successful.

I've coached and mentored 100s of coaches and I've worked with superstar clients like Amy Winehouse, Royalty Presidential families, celebs, royals and some billionaires.

“Huge shoutout to I recently had a truly mind expanding coaching session with Tim that helped me clarify and crystallize where I’m heading professionally. Arriving at a cross-roads, or feeling like you’ve lost your purpose can be a gift when you’re working with the right coach to help you illuminate the path to your highest potential. | can’t recommend Tim as a coach enough. Do yourself a favour!”


“I can’t begin to explain for profound our coaching session was. You spared something in me that’s been lost for ages. I’m not sure where it went or why I lost it ...  But you’ve helped me get it back. I can’t that you enough Tim!”

"I cannot express how profoundly
our coaching sessions have impacted  my life. Anyone should feel lucky to work with your Tim, I know I do!”

“Thanks to the amazing @TimHayes
and coaching call we had 1 month ago. I knew how to value myself and my time and I was able to make the right call for me and my business.”