Meet Tim

About Tim Hayes Family

Over the past 20 years, I have transitioned from a high flying corporate sales consultant to a recovered addict, fitness expert, business owner, entrepreneur and coach. I’ve worked with some of the world’s finest therapists, coaches and spiritual mentors professionally and personally. There isn’t much I haven’t either experienced myself or heard from clients. At this point, nothing can shock me.

I've chased drugs, sex, food and money to make me happy. It didn’t work, not long term. 

If I can transform myself, miserable billionaires and self-loathing supermodels into consciously connected humans that feel grateful (regardless of external circumstances), I can do the same for you. This is why I do what I do. I have been there, got the t-shirt and today I have internal and external wealth and this is what I want to give you. It does not need to take 20 years to get there.