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How To Have Long Lean Legs – Part 2

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In Part 1 of how to have a Long Lean Legs, I finished with this quote:

This is where I have an issue with the term exercise, its created a culture that if we perform an exercise it will give everyone the same result, and this is simply not the case, we need to move specifically for our own bodies and an exercise, is simply too prescriptive

With this in mind part 2 is aimed at giving you some additional information to add to your fitness plans specifically aimed at getting leaner legs as well as a great ass. As with every single client I have trained this needs to be adapted to how your body moves and feels.

lean legs

A Case Study

I have been working with Milly for over a year. Milly is an international catwalk model who was referred to me by Elite London. The modelling industry is tough, a centimeter in the wrong place could make the difference between being booked or not. 

I’m using Milly for this article because she is a great example to the modelling industry of how to do things right. Quite simply she looks long term in relation to her nutrition and fitness and the hard work has paid off. In addition to this whilst you may not aspire to look like a model, I am using this example because the long lean look is crucial to the modeling industry on the whole and training a model requires one to be extremely specific. 

Our Fitness Exercises

I often get asked what is my style of training when I start with a client. Perhaps the best description of what I do and how our company works with clients can be seen at our functional fitness page. My approach is based on years of education with Faster Global, a specialist fitness education company focusing on biomechanics. This is the art of understanding how an individual’s body moves, and therefore what specific exercises are best for that client to achieve the required goal. Remember Milly moves how Milly moves, your body may perform differently  and these movements may not be the right ones for you, but what I wanted to achieve from this blog is to try to give you, the reader some insight into a different way of training. 

The movements in these videos are what I thought worked best for Milly on that day. Milly needs the long lean look so we needed to be careful to do to many traditional exercises like squats and lunges.  

Movement 1 – TXR Internal/External Dynamic Squats

Movement 2 – TRX Ice Skaters With Hop

Movement 3 – Lateral Hop Heal Touch

Movement 4 – Lunge with internal, external, straight foot and lateral flexion

Classic Jane Fonda

I couldn’t finish this piece without mentioning good old Jane. Once I started to learn more and study more in-depth qualifications I felt embarrassed to do classic Jane moves, they seemed old fashioned and certainly weren’t funky and functional….or were they. Actually when it comes to working the glutes without loading the quads I love these moves and for Milly given that she is a model and her body is her work, aesthetic exercises are functional so from time to time I still throw on some classic mat work

The Core Momentum Trainer

The Core Momentum Trainer is a fitness tool I have been using recently in my sessions. I will be writing a blog soon going into more detail on why I love this product so much and the science behind why it’s so effective, but I couldn’t resist adding this video to showcase this and give you some more ideas and variations on how to get long lean legs. Why not also have a look at our youtube page for other variations and exercises. 

My Conclusion

If you are not naturally lean then the long lean look is difficult to achieve. My experience has taught me that this is a trial and error process. A healthy balanced nutrition plan will be crucial to this process. To be lean your body fat needs to be low and this can only be achieved by eating clean. My other top tip is to be aware of your stress levels. Stress can play a huge part in how your body responds to exercise and especially reducing your body fat percentage. I think the fitness industry tends to tell the mass market that any look can be achieved and that it’s relatively easy and can be done in a few months. Give yourself at least 6 months of eating well and doing exercises that work best for your body, be patient, don’t panic.

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